Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Welcome to Green Leaders Group Lyne Nur

Welcome and welcome again
 my very new business partner Cik Lyne Nur.

Also Ex-Kolej Mara Kulim aka my dormmate :)

Part time model and fulltime banker!
 But still looking for business opportunity with GLAM (GreenLeadersAcademyMalaysia)

Facebook one of medium kitorang get together and untill one day we met for business sharing after Lyne text me on FB to make an appointment coz she interested to know more details bout this business ;)

Surprisingly juz after 1day after business discussion, she then decided to join this wonderful business and be part of Green Leaders Group without any hesitation!!

Wah time tu macam tak sangka Lyne nk join coz she never made any promises.

Bile die nak, then dia akan kata YES dan terus BUAT smpai dapat!!

Memang terus pandang ke depan and tak toleh ke belakang lagi. 

Congratulations Lyne :)

Big bonus RM4500 dah in :)
So InsyaAllah we work together to achieve more!!

Lyne Nur

She's freelancer model and fulltime banker

Personal touch session with her

Lyne with Cik Cida

So anyone who interested from Rawang/Petaling Jaya who want to get PB/Free Trial/Free consultation atau nak tahu details bout this beautiful business boleh contact terus
 Lyne 0192846928.

Lots of Love,


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