Monday, 4 February 2013

Coco Chanel Party


Teruja dan seronok sangat tengok gambar2 my dear mentors and lovely business family members yg attended
"Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party" 
launched at Platinum Movie Suite Lounge,
 Cathay Cineplex, The Curve. 

The event was

Memang rugi sangat2 sbb tak dapat join on that day sbb Danis dah sarat :(

Need to take a lot of rest :)

Besides we are doing ONLINE business but our Group "Green Leaders Group" under Hanis Haizi still manage to get together in such a COOL LUXURIOUS AWESOME EVENT to have a great moments, keep in touch together and have some funs :) 
Truly deeply thankful to be part of this group :)

Below are the few nice pictures during that event taken from my lovely mentor CikCida and biz family members Cik Juju during the event. 

The Coco Chanel Sayings!
@ Classy and Fabulous

The Deserts looks so NYUMMEEEEEEH!!

Take one and wear!! It must be FUN :)

The Premium Beautiful Top AGENT and The Founder of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia
Hanis Haizi

Hanis Haizi with the Chanel Prizes 
I Chanel Handbag 10k++
Super duper milionnaire :)

Karl Lagerferled during 
Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party 

My BIG biz family members with our mentors Cik Cida and Naa Kamaruddin.

My dear lovely mentor and biz partner Cik Cida. Pretty!!!

Camwhore session from them 

Hanis with our team members 

The GIFTS sponsored fully by Hanis Haizi!!
Those who got memang gile2 LUCKY Person!!

The BestDress awards!

My two great leaders CikCida and NaaKamaruddin :)

Super Duper Lucky Girl got 1st Prize (Chanel Handbag) harga RM10k++!!
Congratulations SyeraBegam 

They had such a Great FUN!!

They had such a great moments and fun during the event :)

Thank God i am part of this group :)

Be part of us!! Lets do this together
And Together We Achieve More (T.E.A.M)

Lots of love,


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