Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hanis Haizi the Business Moghul


Today Danis nak share tentang Hanis Haizi yang merupakan my Top Leader, my mentor, my business guru. Hanis Haizi nama yang kian terkenal. Digelar sebagai Business Moghul.
She started the PremiumBeautiful Business since 2009. Bekas graduan engineer dan suri rumah sepenuh masa ketika itu membuatkannya terpanggil utk melibatkan diri dalam dunia business.

Tercetus ideanya utk menjalankan business thru Online Marketing and she become PIONEER of Online Marketing which change her life 360' (from just a housewife to successful businesswoman).

Malahan sekarang wajah sering terpapar dalam beberapa majalah dan TV program seperti Hijabista, Intrend, Totler Magazine, Nur, Nona, Hello Magazine, GLAM, Berita Harian, WW Magazine, Bella Awards, Safiyya, Bella TV Award and a lot more to comeeee.

Hanis Haizi create the BIG Group under her and she is the Leader and Founder of GreenLeadersAcademyMalaysia (GLAM). She do the business not only to become RICH but she INSPIRE the people to become like her. She has 6 figures income/ 200k per month. Awesomazing!!

GLAM manage to develop 20 Crown Diamond Manager (CDM) with 5 figures income during 3years of operation and the numbers of CDM will increase time to time. Now GLAM has become stronger than ever, the successful stories and leadership qualities has proven to a lot of people.












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