Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Slim Shady with Waist Nipper PB

Review dari customer yang buat perbandingan antara corset normal dengan corset #premiumbeautiful

Left: Normal corset. since nude color will make my body slightly bigger, thus I have desaturated the photo for better comparison.

Right: My Premium Beautiful shapewear (just bought it few days ago).

It really gives a wonderful silhouette!

Love the back design as I can always pull the string to adjust the tightness on the waist line. This is the best waist nipper honestly!!!

With Premium Beautiful shapewear on,
my waist is now 23 inches.

OMG! Even slimmer than the time before I got pregnant !

And the price is so much cheaper compared to other brands. It's about RM2k for one set (bra, waist nipper and girdle) and it offers lifetime warranty!!!


Its a must to grab one set for your own dear darlings!

Lots of Love....

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