Thursday, 29 January 2015

She Turns To Be Like Super HotMummy

Korset ni best ke tak best kalo cenggini dah pendapat/review dari customer! Mmang tak senang duduk kalo mcm ni jawapannyaaa !

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Pelvic changes will cause the gap to widen during pregnancy. I had severe pelvic pain during my 2nd trimester, and even after childbirth, I had problem on getting up from bed. Pain was relieved and I recovered after using bengkung and pelvic belt during my confinement.

When I resumed work, I just couldn’t wear the bengkung and pelvic belt and thus, I chose to get a girdle and a waist nipper to close the gap.

I think shapewear is a every-mama-should-have item after childbirth to shape your body and close the pelvic gap. Not only that, the shapewear also firmed my skin, reduced cellulite and lightened stretch marks .
 I know wearing it for the first time may not be comfortable but for the sake of health and beauty, I got used to it within few days.

I just cant accept my flabby stomach bulging out when I sit down or bend my body. I believe this is also something that is hardly to be accepted by all new mamas rite?

After slimming down, I had been considering a few brands in order to get a value-for-money shapewear. After some research and price comparison, I decided to buy Premium Beautiful shapewear, a wellknown shapewear brand amongst Malays, sold by Hai O Marketing.
Didn’t not know that Hai O is doing that well in Malay market. Obviously many many Malays are wearing it and this is selling like a hot cake!

With #PremiumBeautiful shapewear on, my waist is now 23 inches. OMG! Even slimmer than the time before I got pregnant

And the price is so much cheaper compared to other brands. It’s about RMXXXX for one set (bra, waist nipper and girdle) and it offers lifetime warranty!!!

And guess what?


Lots of Love....

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